Reconstruction of the Malkų Įlankos Terminal berth is completed

After renovation, berth number 141 is once again in use.

“The reconstruction of the berth marks the completion of a steady renewal process for our terminal. Over the past year we have reconstructed the storage yard, built a new 3,200 m2 bulk warehouse, acquired one of the largest electrically powered hydraulic cranes in the Baltic States with a loading capacity of 1,300 t/h, invested in a front-end loader and other important equipment. All this will help to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the MIT, which is particularly important for retaining existing and attracting new customers,” Julius Kiršis Terminal Director, says about the terminal’s opportunities.

The berth reconstruction works started in November 2022 and lasted 6 months.

The following berth overhaul works were carried out:

  • Removal of the former reinforced concrete deck and crane track;
  • Installation of 12 injection drilled piles;
  • The quay was concreted with a new surface using approximately 750 cubic metres of concrete;
  • The rainwater harvesting system was redesigned and new treatment plants were installed.

The berth has been in operation since 2000 and has a length of 168 m, with a maximum mooring length of 180 m.

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