New cranes delivered to Klaipėda Conteiner terminal

The cargo handling works since the beginning of July are performed with the new GOTTWALD G HMK 5506 mobile multi-purpose port crane.

With the successful completion of the reconstruction of the quays of Klaipėda Container Terminal in the ro-ro and general cargo terminals, the cargo handling equipment was also renewed.

The new crane with 125 tons of lifting capacity is used for handling bulk and packed general cargos. The boom with the length of 51 meters allows servicing ships of all sizes from small barges to Post-Panamax class vessels. The crane can also handle containers and oversized cargo. This crane can be adapted for work on electricity or diesel fuel. Is economical, quiet, and environmentally friendly. Using the crane with electric supply, the cost of running the crane is 2-4 times less than working with the crane using diesel.

At the beginning of July, another 4 RTG cranes for work at the container site were delivered to Klaipėda Conteiner Terminal upon the program of investments into the new cargo handling equipment. The new cranes purchased by KCT can load the containers at 6 levels. Until now, containers at Klaipėda Container Terminal were loaded at 4 levels.

“We are proud that the quality of our services meets the expectations of the world’s largest container shipping line operators. Being leaders in our area, we must continually improve. Our investment in development and increase of the technical capacity of the terminal will open up new opportunities for our customers, ”says Vaidotas Sileika, Manager of Klaipeda Container Terminal.

During the first half of this year, KCT terminals handled 2.74 million tons of cargo what is by 28% more compared to the same period of the previous year. Container handling grew particularly fast, with 219,994 TEUs handled since the beginning of the year, exceeding the result of the first half of the year of 2018 even by 35%.


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