KTG signed 2000 sq.m. office lease agreement

KTG completed the first half of this year with successful transactions of office premises lease in the business center ALIA in Kaunas, which is being developed.

Currently, ~ 3360 square meters of the total leased area of ~ 4800 square meters is leased in the business center, which makes up ~ 69 per cent of the total area.

“The chosen strategy of renting the building – to lease the premises in floors without dividing them – has paid off. This our project is funded by KTG, thus we have more freedom to choose the right, reliable tenants for us, and we also have the opportunity not to rush to divide the premises into small spaces. We are more flexible in negotiations with clients than other large developers of real estate projects,” says Ramunė Venslauskienė, KTG Director.

“The quarantine period did not stop inquiries and interest in the premises of a high-end business center located on the banks of the Nemunas, in contrast, companies that decided to expand before the pandemic had more time and opportunities to assess all possible risks and finances before transactions,” says Kristina Avyžė, KTG’s Marketing Manager.

The premises of the ALIA business center are rented already equipped on the principle of “open office”. The uniqueness is the height of the premises, which reaches ~ 3.70 m. The premises are equipped with high-quality German lifting floors, which, if necessary, allow tenants to quickly divide the spaces and use the area according to the specifics of their activities. The location of the business center is also special, through its windows you can see a wonderful panorama of the river, Kaunas Santaka, Kaunas Castle, Church of the Resurrection and other objects important for the citizens.

The exclusive location of the ALIA business center and the high quality of the premises attracted the world-class Swedish company “Evolution Gaming”, with which KTG concluded a lease transaction of ~ 2000 square meters.

It is the world’s leading provider of B2B live video streaming, with branches in 14 countries around the world and studios in eight countries around the world: Latvia, Georgia, Malta, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Romania and Spain.

“We are very happy that we will open a new studio in Kaunas in the second half of 2020. It will complement our existing eight studios around the world and enable us to meet the growing global demand for our products. We chose Kaunas as our second place in the Baltic States due to the great potential of this city in terms of labor availability and the city’s future development plans. In addition, Kaunas is close to our existing studio in Riga, Latvia. Our main employees are students and graduates with good English language skills. We hope to attract young talent to become part of our team in the growing, global “Evolution” family,” said Olesya Ivanova, CEO of “Evolution Gaming” for Latvia, Romania, Malta, Belgium, Spain and Lithuania.

KTG has invested ~ 11 million euros in the development of the ALIA business center. A beauty clinic with a SPA and other tenants are also planning to settle here from the autumn.


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