This classic English architecture building is located in the exclusive London area of ​​Belsize Park.

Distance to the city center – 5.5 km.

This is a prestigious location in London that counts its glory from 14th  century.

Belsize Park acquired its present face in the at the end of the 19th century.

By maintaining the history of exceptional architecture and authenticity of the building, in the year of 2018, Glenmore Road 15 was reconstructed into four private apartments.

Apartment One

,The Contemporary Classic one‘

Total gross internal area – 80,3 m2.

 Warm, inviting combination of natural textures and contemporary detailing creating   Contemporary Classic design Language.

Apartment Two

,The Fusion Apartment’

Total gross internal area – 85 m2. 

A minimalist material and colour palette combined with traditional detailing creates the aesthetic of a fusion between old and new.

Careful attention is paid to creating the synergy between the new interventions and restoring the original character of the building.

Apartment Three

,The Traditional One’

Total gross internal area – 68  m2.

Warm, inviting combination of natural textures to compliment traditional detailing.

Careful attention paid to traditional detailing throughout, to restore the apartment to the original grandeur of the property

Apartment Four

‚The Contemporary One‘

Total gross internal area – 82 m2.

Crisp clean lines merge with a contrasting natural material palette to create a contemporary aesthetic .