MIT completes the reconstruction of the sites

Around 40 000 m2 of MIT sites have been reconstructed, of which 15 000 m2 have been converted for the storage for a wider range of goods

“The need for the reconstruction of the storage yards was driven by a number of key reasons: to store larger volumes and a wider variety of cargo. The reconstruction of the storage yards will provide the terminal with greater operational advantage and flexibility to meet the needs and expectations of its customers,” says Julius Kiršis, Director of MIT.

More than 6 000 m3 of concrete was used for the installation and reconstruction of the storage yards, which took about half a year to complete.

As part of the reconstruction of the berths, MIT also built a new, additional cargo storage warehouse. This was due to the increased handling capacity. The new covered warehouse can store around 12 000 tonnes of various bulk cargoes. Bulk cargo is stored both in bulk and loose.

“Before the new facility was built, we were able to store around 140 000 tonnes of cargo. The sixth warehouse is a new opportunity for existing and future customers, and the terminal has greater prospects for growth in cargo handling,” says J.Kiršis.

In 2022, MIT invested EUR 5 million to increase its handling capacity. A lot of work has been done: the warehouse yard has been reconstructed, a new 3 200 m2 bulk warehouse has been built, one of the largest electrically powered hydraulic cranes in the Baltic States has been purchased with a loading capacity of 1 300 t/h, as well as a front-end loader and other important equipment necessary for the terminal’s operation.

According to J.Kiršis, all the infrastructure improvement projects and the acquisition of new equipment will result in even better loading conditions, faster service and more efficient processes for the existing customers of MIT.

After the investments, the terminal’s total handling capacity is up to 2.5 million tonnes of cargo per year. The total cargo throughput of the MIT in 2021 was 1 million tonnes of various cargoes, and an average growth of 15% is expected this year.

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