Klaipėdos Terminalo Grupė (KTG) completed reconstruction of ALIA Business Center of ~5400 sq. meters.

The Group’s investment in this project amounts to ~ 11 million euros.

Ramunė Venslauskienė, Director of KTG, says that “Newly restored office building with a capacity of over 500 people is introduced to Kaunas market.  After exactly one year the building reconstruction works were successfully completed, the construction completion certificate was received, and the building with energy class A+ was declared fit for use. ALIA Business Center successfully supplements the limited supply of high-end business buildings in Kaunas”.

The office space leased in ALIA Business Center reaches ~4,800 sq. meters.  This building is distinguished from the ones that are available in Kaunas market by the fact that the ceiling on each floor is more than 3.7 meters, the windows offer 360* view of Kaunas, and most importantly, the premises are fully furnished in accordance with the open office principle.  The interior and exterior solutions use the highest quality natural materials: wood, stone, aluminium, and glass. There is a spacious, free 200 space parking lot surrounding the building. 5-storey premises are equipped with modern HVAC system for chilled beams, windows with 70% solar control, and it is also possible to humidify the indoor air, thus providing even more comfort for people working inside.  The premises of the business center will be tailored to the individual needs of the companies that will set up their offices in the business center. The spaces of the office building near the river Nemunas are expanded by greenery and the Pier of Kaunas rivers that is located here.

Kristina Avyžė, the Head of KTG marketing, stated that “Currently, active building inspections and visits are taking place, and we are in talks with several potential tenants, who wish to rent office space varying from 500 sq. meters up to 4,500 sq. meters.  On the ground floor of the building, the European kitchen restaurant OKATA, which can serve about 150 people at a time, has successfully opened.  Our company will also soon be setting up its office in the building”.

The reconstruction project of ALIA Business Center was prepared by  Nebrau  architects’ studio. The location well-known to Kaunas residents, where the entertainment club Combo has been operating for a long time, turns a new page in its history.


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