The first half of 2021 is special

Although there were many unknowns at the beginning of the year due to the still unbalanced cargo supply chain, and container transport was of particular concern, the results of the KTG terminals of the first half of the year are optimistic.

During January-June, a total of 2.9 million tons of cargo was handled at Klaipėda Container Terminal (KCT), 8% more than during the first half of 2020. Container handling in terms of conditional units is slightly higher than that of the last year – 213,478 TEUs were handled (208,802 TEUs in the first half of 2020), but there is still a slight lag in terms of tons.

This year the handling of the general cargo increased by 29% when compared to the last year, 326,836 tons in total. The turnover of all main cargo groups increased: grain +22%, timber +74%, fertilizers +12%.

The contribution of the ro-ro line to the cargo turnover of KCT is becoming more and more significant, TT-Line ferries transport about 3.5 thousand  ro-ro units and almost 4 thousand passengers per month this year.

KCT terminals service an average of 97 vessels per month this year, and in May reached an all-time record of 108 vessels.  Last year, the average was 86 vessels per month.

In the first half of this year, 450 thousand tons of various cargoes were handled at the Malkų lankos terminalas (MĮT), 15 percent less than during the same period last year. Although the first half of this year was not very successful with high results, the MĮT has already started loading the grain harvest of the new season.  As Lithuanian farmers predict, it should be similar to the harvest of 2020 (~ 6.8 million tons of grain) and the terminal plans to achieve last year’s handling result in the second half of the year.  Last year, a total of 4.6 million tons of grain were handled in Klaipėda port, of those- 20 percent in MĮT terminal. It is planned that in the second half of the year the terminal will be given a boost by the somewhat protracted completion of dredging works of the port waters.

The first half of the year was full of challenges for KTG stevedoring companies and considering the situation in the global market, it seems that it is still too early to talk about the forecast of stevedoring results of 2021.

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