The beautiful tradition of a summer sports camp for special children continues

This year, the children’s summer sports camp of the Lithuanian Special Olympic Committee (LSOC) returned to Pervalka.

The Curonian Spit welcomed campers with summer weather, strawberry lawns, the aroma of blooming lindens, and the warm sea. Both the coaches and the athletes were happy with the long-awaited return. In the “Baldininkas” villa, the athletes were welcomed by the caring hosts Eglė and Laimonas Obolevičiai, who took care of the campers’ meals and good mood.

The camp was designed for athletes with special needs, their intensive training and physical fitness. The members of the LSOC team are preparing for the Special Olympics Winter Games, which will take place in January next year in Kazan. In addition to physical training and snowshoe training, athletes played basketball, were rollerblading, and played boccia.

The rest of the time after the training sessions was devoted to active recreation. Swimming in the sea, trips to Juodkrantė, hiking, boating, and cycling to Nida.  The evening of talents is also an unforgettable event. I was amazed at how many children are great dancers and singers.

During the departure, we thanked each other for the spirit of community, the time well spent, and only the tears betrayed our feelings and the value of the time spent at the camp for the children.

KTG together with Petrauskai Charity and Support Foundation AGeRa began its friendship with LSOC in 2019, so we hope that the works that we started together will help to create a more beautiful and happier environment for special children, encourage them to improve, as well as achieve set goals and heights in sports.

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