5 years with the LSOK community

We encourage and support physical activity for children, organized annually by the Lithuanian Special Olympic Committee.

KTG together with the Petrausku Charity Support Foundation AGeRa funded a week-long camp in Pervalka, Curonian Spit.

As Daiva Dabrilienė, Director of the LSOK, says, KTG’s support is an invaluable gift for special children and young people. “The camp was dedicated to intensive training and physical preparation. Participants had the opportunity to test their will and determination, courage and speed. We also had another goal: to strengthen the communication skills of special athletes through sport and to meet their social and emotional needs. We think we have succeeded”, says D.Dabrilienė.

More than 20 children with disabilities and a team of coaches took part in the camp.

We are committed to supporting projects that help physical activity in children, so we support a wide range of initiatives to promote sport and believe that our support reaches the children who need it most.

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