2020 cargo handling results

Last year was challenging for KTG stevedoring companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite the turmoil in the transport market, we were able to maintain growth and set new stevedoring records.

Container turnover in Klaipeda Port, just like in the rest of the world, was below earlier records. Klaipėda container terminal  (KKT) suffered a 7% drop with annual result of 433 889 TEU. However, steady growth of general cargo (617 151 t, +4%) and increasing ro-ro cargo volumes helped to achieve 5.75 million tons annual throughput exceeding that of 2019 by 2%.

The highest cargo volumes in KKT were recorded in October. In 2020 KKT served 1,035  various vessels , which is 10% more than in 2019  and represents 16% of all vessels accommodated in Klaipeda Port last year.

For the Malku bay terminal  (MIT) 2020 was the best in its history. Timber handling grew by 24%,  bulk cargo handling  grew  18% compared to last year. The total cargo turnover at the terminal amounted to 1.29 million tons and exceeded the result of 2019 by 13%.

Despite the pandemic and the global economic slowdown, the total cargo turnover of KTG companies in 2020 grew by ~ 4% compared to 2019.  The diversification of terminals and the ability to handle different cargoes is one of the main advantages of KTG, helping to maintain the stable grow over the past five years.

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