2018 marked in record results

In 2018, the terminals of Klaipėda Terminal Group (KTG) handled over 5.8 mln. tons of different cargoes, 15.9%. more than in 2017.

Klaipėda Container Terminal (KCT) handled  4.9 mln. tons of cargo – 21% more than in 2017.  It is the largest annual increase in freight turnover in KCT over the last decade. The results were influenced by container lines, who highly increased their cargo volumes. Container handling grew by 23.75% and amounted to 371,262 TEU per year.

Despite the ongoing reconstruction works at the KCT ro-ro and general cargo quay, the company serviced more than 940 vessels, 25 % more than in  2017.  Handling of general cargo was 14% higher than in 2017, reaching total amount  – 871,000 t.

Malku Bay Terminal (MBT) increased wood  handling volumes by 99.82% vs. 2017,  reaching  ~ 370,000 t.

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